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MCC's Web-Based Peace Resources


"And everyone neath their vine and fig tree shall live in peace and unafraid.  Micah 4:4"
MCC Photo: Linda Gehman Peachey

MCC Resources on Peace and Conscientious Objection to War
MCC's Work with Partners on Peace
MCC Resources on Family violence
MCC Resources on Immigration
MCC Audio-visual Resources on Peace
Denominational Peace Statements
MCC Resources on Racism

MCC Resources on Peace and Conscientious Objection to War

Pursuing Peace: The Essence of Mennonite Central Committee

MCC’s  Peace Campaign
Fear Not, Seek Peace in our Homes, Communities and World

MCC Peacemaker Stories

MCC Resources on Conscientious Objection
-resources on conscientious objection to war, peacemaker registration forms, profiles of military veterans now committed to peacemaking and more.
-short stories (video clips) of military veterans and students
-Joshua Casteel’s story of how he became a conscientious objector to war. Joshua was a former Arab language interrogator at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. A challenging encounter with a Saudi Jihadist was instrumental in his decision to seek conscientious objector status based on his commitment to Jesus.

Behind the Camouflage: A Primer on Military Enlistment for Youth Pastors, Mentors  and Counselors

Civilian Public Service (WWII)
-features the story of conscientious objectors to war in WWII, includes a searchable database of the nearly 12,000 CPS workers and descriptions/images from the CPS camps.

Civilian Public Service: The Story Continues
-features the many ways that the communities which supported Civilian Public Service have struggled to apply their commitment to peace and nonviolence in the post WWII era…see the sections related to Vietnam, Advocacy (Laos) and the GI Rights Hotline:

MCC's work on cluster munitions
-features information on MCC’s efforts to help Lao villagers find and destroy the unexploded US bombs in their soil

Resources on Militarism

MCC’s work with partners on peace (a brief sampling)

Colombian Protestant Churches Document their Suffering and Hope

MCC Washington Office resources on Colombia

Working for Peace in Egypt

Working to prevent gang violence in Honduras

Water and Hope in Northern Iraq

Peace clubs in Zambia

Help the Afghan Children
Supports schools through MCC’s Global Family program.  The school curriculae include peace education.

Military Counseling Network: Helping Service Members Lay Down Their Arms

MCC Resources on Family Violence
Resources on family violence and abuse
-Abuse Response and Prevention: A Guide for Church Leaders
-Home Shouldn’t be a Place that Hurts (brochure)
-Created Equal: Men and Women in God’s Image

MCC Resources on Immigration
-General immigration links
-Loving Strangers as Ourselves
-Immigration and Conscientious Objection
-In my shoes: Pedro Gonzales
-West Coast MCC Immigration Program

MCC Resources on Oppression

MCC Audio-Visual Resources on Peace (a brief sampling)

Thermostat:  DVD and 100- page study guide on the themes of peacemaking, imagination, security, allegiance, terrorism, military enlistment and nonviolence. Includes more than 50 video clips, stories, biblical studies and handouts.  Available FREE from MCC…available in English and Spanish

Peace Parts Tool Kit:
Introduces the breadth of MCC’s justice and peacebuilding work through lessons for adults and children.  Includes a DVD, posters and activities

Denominational Confessions of Faith/Peace Statements

Beachy Amish:
Article 14: Of Revenge

Brethren in Christ:
Core Values: Pursuing Peace

Conservative Mennonite Conference:
The State
The Ethics of the Kingdom, Love and Nonresistance

Mennonite Brethren:
Article 13, Love and Nonresistance

Mennonite Church USA:
Article 22, Peace Justice and Nonresistance

Prepared by Titus Peachey:  tmpatmcc [dot] org (tmp[at]  PH:  717 859-1152  ext. 367

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