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War Taxes

Troubled about praying for peace while paying for war?


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U.S. Federal Budget, FY 2013

Source: War Resister's League







Cost of the War in Iraq

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Cost of War - National Priorities Project


I am 93 years old and my wife is 88. I have lived through five wars and have seen the destruction of life and spirit that results. I have been deeply troubled over the disproportionate amount of federal income taxes which are used for building up a vast over-supply of military arms and armaments.
Henry A. Fast, Ethel S. Fast, April 5, 1988 letter to Internal Revenue Service

We pay no taxes for vengeance, nor do we give anything as substitute for such taxes...We would be willing to pay an annual sum on each house where we have a communal kitchen, as long as we can be assured that the money will be used profitably for the country and for people in need.
From the elders of the Church that men call Hutterian, May 14, 1590