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Conscientious objectors come from all walks of life.  Each comes to the conviction that it is wrong for them to kill in warfare via their own path.

Visit Let's Talk Peace for a listing of present-day speakers on peacemaking in the context of militarism and war


NEW:  Turning toward peace: learn how some people redirect war tax dollars to projects that support peace and nurture life.

MCC's web-based peace resources: links to video clips, web pages, newsletters and more!

Behind the Camouflage: A Primer on Military Enlistment for Pastors, Youth Counselors and Mentors, by Titus Peachey

Detras del Camuflage: un Instructivo de Alistamiento Militar para Pastores Juveniles, Mentores y Consejeros

The World War II Story: a searchable database of the 12,000 people who served in Civilian Public Service camps in WWII, and descriptions of camp life and work. Also includes a section that documents more recent experiences of conscientious objectors.

Fear Not: Seek Peace in our Homes, Communities and World: This MCC U.S. campaign provides educational materials, worship and advocacy resources focused on domestic violence, gun violence and U.S. militarism.

GI Rights Hotline:  Are you in the military or thinking about joining? Are you unsure of where to get reliable answers? Call the GI Rights Hotline at 1-877-447-44871-877-447-4487 for information on discharges (including conscientious objection), grievances, awol/ua issues and more.

Stories of Conscientious Objectors who performed their alternative service in Vietnam during the war (read journal entries, watch videos)

Destructive Obedience: US Military Training and Culture as a Parody of Christian Discipleship, Michael J. Iafrate, Conrad Grebel Review, Vol. 29, Number 2, Spring, 2011, pp4-30.

Interview with Joshua Casteel

Joshua Casteel, Iraq War veteran and strong, passionate voice for peace died of cancer on August 25, 2012. The interview featured here was done in San Antonio, TX in 2007 at a conference sponsored by Mennonite Central Committee U.S.  We celebrate his life and mourn his passing.

So, for the record, here is what we object to:

We object to killing. We object to killing in the name of capitalism, we object to killing in the name of communism, and we object to killing in the name of religion. We object to being forced to register for war and killing, and we object to being forced to participate in the preparations for war and killing. We object to killing innocent civilians, and we object to killing soldiers. We object to nuclear weapons, and we object to conventional weapons.

When war comes, many of us will perform peaceful alternative service. Many of us will go to jail rather than compromise deeply held beliefs. But we will not fight. We will not kill.  

Charles Maresca Jr., Assoc. Director, Natl. Interreligious Service Bd. for Conscientious Objectors Washington, Aug. 29, 1987